The studio has great daylight and full blackout for fashion and portrait photography. It’s fully equipped with more than enough light, 2x A2 16k Joules Swiss made Broncolor power packs and 6x P2 Broncolor 16K Joules flash heads with 6x Standard direct reflectors, 6x Soft boxes (various sizes), snoots, grids, ring flash and all sync and infra red triggers. This is more lighting than you’d ever need. Typically a 3/4 Portrait using 3 heads would usually run 400/1000 Joules max.


There are 4x 8’x4′ black and white sided poly-boards and stands, wind-machine, studio fan and lots of clamps and clips, also a number of material backgrounds and a paper roll background system.

Dimensions :

The studio celling height is 3.8m and the floor is 5.3m x 7.1m. Walls can be painted, but if you paint walls other than the grey wall, they must be returned to white.